Helping Our Clients Shine

It took a long time to come to the name “Filament” for this business, but it illustrates exactly what our mission is. A lightbulb can’t shine without the filament. Many of our clients have businesses that are constructed beautifully, but they’re missing one little connection. Our ability to tell the story of a brand – it’s products, services, people, and connection to the consumer is what lights things up for our clients.

A few things you should know about us:


We build our business, our client base, and our community on a foundation of passion and leadership. We serve based on our commitment to balance, self-care, excellent results, and improving the world we live in.




We are committed to doing the work to grow our business, and our clients’ businesses. We invest time, resources, and passion into Filament. We value education. We keep the big picture in our sights at all times.




We are open to new ideas and concepts. We embrace innovation and lead with open minds. We are not afraid of failure; we learn from every one. We appreciate beauty. We find creative solutions.





We are inclusive. We have each other’s backs. We manage up. We share resources. We play above the line. We care about each other.





We have fun together. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We encourage laughter. We find joy in each day. We embrace positivity. We make time to celebrate our wins.



What makes Filament unique?

  • We are fearless. Whatever your marketing challenge, we will help you find a creative, efficient, effective solution.
  • We take our client relationships personally. We’re dedicated to the success of the people we work for, but more than that, we strive for open, honest communication and mutual respect…with a healthy dose of fun!
  • We receive high marks in emotional intelligence, which allows us to work well with others and connect with a variety of consumer and business audiences.
  • We are woman-owned and have a passion for supporting other female leaders in achieving their goals.

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