Kelly-Andrew-FilamentFilament was founded in 2013 by Kelly Andrew (she likes to refer to herself as the Chief Ideas Officer in the organization). After a decade in non-profit development roles, Kelly decided to flex her creative muscles and passion for developing new programs and business management by diving into entrepreneurship. As a consultant and sole-preneur, Kelly worked with micro-businesses to develop their brand guidelines, dive in to social media marketing, and execute special events. She took on the role of Managing Director of Local First Milwaukee, and continued to grow Filament. Kelly’s talents lie in strategy development and execution, creative content development, and connecting with people on a real, respectful level. She’s passionate about her family farm, her #StumpyKittens, and cooking meals for friends. You can connect with Kelly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.




Katy-Corey-FilamentKaty Corey joined the Filament team in 2015 as the Director of Collaboration. Her experience in recruiting, training, and managing volunteers both in the Peace Corps and in her non-profit career make her an excellent creative and persuasive writer and top-notch communicator with Filament staff and clients. Katy is passionate about her community, and her garden. You can connect with Katy on Facebook and LinkedIn.




Erin Highland joined the Filament team in 2017 as a Marketing Associate. Her degree in photography, and experience developing social media strategy and creative content for local and national brands make her a great fit and significant asset to Filament’s clients. Erin is passionate about being outdoors on her bike, and enjoying the great music and festivals Milwaukee has to offer. You can connect with Erin on Facebook and Instagram.