SEO: Customized Website Content is Where It’s At!

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Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is a big scary term that a lot of business owners worry about. The reality is, there are many ways to gain ground with search engines, including social media, email marketing, and creating original content and posting it consistently to your website.

Blogging (writing short “articles” that live on your website) is necessary to be found on today’s search engines. Once your customized content is created, you can share it on social media (driving traffic back to your website). You can share it via email (driving traffic back to your website). You can pull it out again next year and re-use it (driving traffic back to your website). In the meantime, Google will see that you’re updating your site regularly and providing relevant information to searchers. The infamous algorithm will reward you with a higher organic search ranking!

We help you create original content that drives SEO:

  • Write copy that supports your brand and is optimized for SEO (both for pages on your website, and consistent blog posts)
  • Obtain appropriate imagery to support your brand (without infringing on copyright laws!)
  • Optimize pre-written blogs for SEO

We don’t build websites, but we’d be happy to partner with one of our preferred developers, like Grayshark or Small Biz Websites, to help you launch or update your businesses site.

We’re happy to offer a free, 1-hour online marketing consultation!

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