Here at Filament, we’re feeling the March Madness fever.  And, as online marketers and content creators, we’re starting to see some unique comparisons when it comes to branding and basketball.  In both business and sport, if you want to be a winning success,  you’ve got to know the rules of the game.

Before we share exactly how the two relate,  let’s tip-off by defining branding in today’s world.

What is Branding?


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Think of your brand as two-fold: 1) a way to engage and build trust with customers 2) an opportunity to set yourself apart from competitors. It is the voice – the vibe – of your business all illustrated through your logo, colors, content, tone, hashtags, etc., and it helps to outline your services, products, and customer expectations. There’s a reason businesses pay big money to have a quality brand – it helps to sell their product.

So, How Does Branding and Basketball Relate?


Think about everything that goes into building a community of die-hard basketball fans. The team colors. The mascot. The school song. All of these components help to identify the brand of the team, the spirit of the student body and alums, and differentiates them from the competition.

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The best college games have your heart pounding up until the final buzzer and your team scores the winning shot. We can chalk this up to a lot of sweat and good luck, but strategy plays a huge part. Knowing how to perform in this sport is all about studying opponents, practicing tedious plays, conditioning, and mental stamina. While you can’t plan on every basket dropping, the team with the better strategy will most likely take home the trophy.

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The entire NCAA tournament, from start to finish, provides fans an opportunity to be part of an experience. While it’s not possible to get a ticket to every game, technology offers us the modern day conveniences of gluing ourselves to multiple screens. And, there’s no need to argue too long about whether the foul was a charge or a block – there will be a replay or after-game commentary.

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The Rules of the Game

Basketball has become a huge part of our culture (as has Googling everything you need to know!). There are rules to each game, however. 

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3 Branding Tips You Can Learn From the Game of Basketball
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