I recently received this post from Danny Brown’s blog and I appreciated it very much. A simple, straightforward tutorial on some of the basic strategies of using twitter effectively for your small business.


My favorite bit of advice was to always remember,

“Disconnect all twitter accounts on mobile when going to a party with alcohol.” 

On a more serious note, here were some of my favorite reminders for using Twitter for my business:

  • Tweet content that your audience will find relevant. (In my mind, this also means having a clear picture of who my intended audience is and what they need from me)
  • Twitter is social, not promotional. (It’s hard to remember this one, but it’s important – in all of our brand communication, we should be trying to solve our customer’s problem, and making their life better, not just selling to them)
  • Look at your profile and ask yourself if you would read it or follow it. (If you haven’t tweeted since March 2013, you probably don’t look very interesting. Keep your account current and filled with interesting, relevant information)

What are some of your top Twitter strategies for small business? We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post “3 Twitter Strategy Tips from Expert Danny Brown”!

3 Twitter Strategy Tips from Expert Danny Brown