Is there really a formula for having an exceptional Call to Action? Well, if you want to get results there is! In this blog, you’ll not only learn “3 Ways to Get Results with Your Call to Action,” you’ll have the chance to download a FREE E-Book with the secrets to marketing your business on Facebook from the internet marketing pros at Filament CommunicationHere’s what you need to know when creating a results-driven CTA…

Keep It Simple. Keep it Action-Focused.

a call to action helps with branding

We need to get over the fear of being too “market-y” online. While Facebook posts on your business page should sound natural and represent your brand, your audience needs directives, and a clear CTA does just that. For example, if you’re in the travel industry and want to get the word out to families about your services, you might say something like:

“Looking for the perfect destination with the kiddos this summer? Check out the “Top 15 Family Vacation Spots in the Midwest” by clicking here:” Try to link back to your website whenever possible with a clear CTA.

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Test Your Call to Action.

test your call to action Let’s say you’re writing a blog and want to include a CTA that leads your audience to sign-up for a special offer or subscribe to your business e-newsletter. Before you distribute this blog on social platforms or in an email blast, make sure you’re testing all of the links to make sure they work! Creating a user-friendly experience is so important! You don’t want to lose credibility if you make it tough – or impossible – for people to take action. In short, if you want to position yourself as a business expert, your audience needs to have the confidence that you can get the job done.

Also consider this: every CTA is a test. Consider every detail of how you’ve implemented your CTA. For example, where should you place your Call to Action? At the end of your blog? Yes. However, why not add an additional CTA after the first paragraph? The majority of your readers may not take the time to read all  700+ words of your blog, so you might want to find additional places to invite them to “Click to Learn More!” or “Download Offer HERE.”

Know What Motivates Your Audience to “Click”!

call to actions inspire conversions

Of all of today’s tips, this one is the most valuable. If you want people to click on your link, you’ll want to know what will motivate them to do so in the first place, and that comes down to considering some very basic details, such as:

Who is your audience? What is their demographic?

What is your audience looking for?

How can you inspire them to decide that your product or service is what they need?

Once you understand who your audience is and what they are looking for, you’re on your way to creating a “buyer persona” for your business. This valuable information will help you engage and connect with your target audience through blogs, special offers, e-newsletters, etc. Buyer Personas also help with the distribution of your internet marketing materials. For example, if you’re developing a paid Facebook ad for a blog, you can get super specific with your target audience (i.e., income, location, job titles, etc.).

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Start Increasing Your Clicks Today.

generate online leadsRemember, a Call to Action that is simple, action-focused, positions you as the expert, and motivates your audience to “click” will generate leads for your business. It might not be immediate – internet marketing is what we like to call the “long-term game”; however, putting these basic CTA principles into practice will eventually make it easier for people to learn about your business and help them decide whether or not to use your product or services.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post “3 Ways to Get Results with Your Call to Action”!

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Get a FREE E-Book with 5 Facebook Marketing Tips!

3 Ways to Get Results with Your Call to Action
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