Well, the internet marketing team at Filament has had quite the year. We’ve undergone a lot of learning, growth, and had a lot of fun. And, I’m excited to share our key take-aways with you!

As the owner of the business, one of the things I’m most proud of is the small, but mighty team we’ve built. Last week, we took some time to toast the year at our holiday party. We want to thank our friends at Central Standard Craft Distillery for hosting us. And, we enjoyed an amazing dinner curated by the team at Tall Guy and a Grill Catering.

Filament Communication Marketing Team

We announced the first ever “Filly” awards (yes, that’s an Office reference), and the team shared some of their most important learnings of 2018. “Growth” is one of our core values, and never-ending-learning is a big part of that. It helps us help our customers grow their businesses.

Filament Communication Filly Awards

Chris Troka, “That’s What She Said” award winner and A/B Testing Expert

Chris brings wit, and sense of comic relief to our team. And, his keen, investigative brain supports his work every day. His key learning from 2018 was the importance of A/B testing in successful internet marketing. Chris has been able to increase performance for our customers through patiently and persistently testing their ads. Copy, imagery, and audience targeting tests have helped him get the best results.

Greg Bernhardt, “The Keyword Whisperer” and Local SEO Wizard

On our team, Greg is considered a sorcerer, a genius, and wicked smaht. Plus, he knows how to pour a damn good coffee refill. His key takeaway from 2018 was the importance of Local Search Engine Optimization. His recommendation to every business out there? Go claim your Google Business profile, and fill out ever section…today!

Katy Corey, “The Cat’s Pajamas” and Trello Master

Katy loves channeling her inner Don Draper for Filament clients! Her key learning from 2018 required her to face her fear of unknown technology. Slowly, but surely, she embraced the communication and project management tool, Trello. Now, our team and clients have more transparent and direct communication channels!

Kelly Andrew, “Doin’ It Like A Boss” award winner and Accountability & Focus Convert

I was honored to learn that my team considers me courageous, and a force of nature. And, they appreciate my dance moves after we close a new sale! This year, I learned that by implementing key performance indicators (KPI’s), I can step away, and still get great results. Finally, I discovered that I could increase my focus by taking care of myself, before trying to take care of everything and everyone else.

Where Would We Be Without Our Tribe?

Filament Team Holiday Dinner 2018

There’s no way we could survive the crazy ups and downs of startup life without our support system. Here’s a shout-out to those who believe in Filament: our spouses, parents, best friends, customers, vendors, coaches, teachers, and other business owners who help us every step of the way. I’m so grateful to have gotten to share this night with the team that I value greatly, and the people closest to them.

…Or, Our Sense Of Humor?

Everyone loves the outtakes reel, right?

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