You spend hours on well branded online content and blogs for your business. Then what? For many businesses, once it’s posted on their website, it’s never touched again. It doesn’t make a lot of sense from either a cost or marketing standpoint, does it? Here, you’ll find four great ways to leverage your blog content to get the greatest return on your investment.

Blogging For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogging is a great “starting point” for online marketing because it will help bring Google’s attention to your business. On the front-end, your blogs should be readable, relatable, and branded. On the back-end, the writing and images should be optimized for Google search. When it comes to blogs, you can track analytics on your website to see exactly how your audience is responding. Analytics will also help you identify your ROI. One of the primary goals for many businesses is being on the first page of Google when someone searches. When you publish keyword focused, search optimized blogs consistently, you’ll see consistent progress over time. That is essentially SEO.

Blogging For Social Media Reach


Your audience is on social media throughout the day and night (increasingly on mobile devices). Personalized, branded blogs make great, sharable social media posts! Share your blogs through all of the social media platforms you’ve chosen for your business. Re-sharing a blog can also be a valuable strategy (we often use a slightly different headline or image to test our audiences response to repeated content). Your blogs might have a somewhat flat launch the first time they’re shared, and then blow up when they get re-shared a month or two later.

Blog Content As White Papers, E-Magazines, or Downloadable Guides


A great way to engage new audience members is to offer something free (especially here in the Midwest)! You can offer a free white paper or downloadable “guide” when someone signs up for their email marketing list on your website or via social media. The same great content that you’re taking the time to write for your blog can be leveraged as any of these documents. Bringing valuable information to your audience is key. With mobile devices, they can download whatever they need, wherever they are.

Blogs As Marketing Collateral


Many businesses still find that face to face networking opportunities are their #1 sales and marketing initiatives. While we focus on your online presence, we encourage all of our clients to get out and talk to people about their business…you’ve got to market if you’re going to grow! Blog content can be a great leave-behind for a prospect. A well written and designed one-page informational handout can offer value to your prospect, show your expertise, and be a professional reminder of your brand after you leave the meeting.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post “4 Ways To Leverage Your Blog and Online Content”!

We are always trying to find ways to help your marketing budget go farther. If you’d like to integrate blogs or other online content  into your plan, but don’t have time, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation!

4 Ways To Leverage Your Blog and Online Content
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