What’s Your Favorite Lady-Leader Podcast?

One of my favorite ways to grow as a leader is to listen to podcasts. The knowledge of those who’ve gone before me never ceases to enrich my professional life! But, a few months ago, I realized that as I was searching for the best leadership and marketing pods, women were sorely under-represented. So, I reached out to my own posse of lady-bosses for suggestions. This led me down an exciting rabbit-hole of content, and I was relieved to find some amazing shows, powered by powerful women.


skimmd-from-the-couchSkimm’d from The Couch

A friend introduced me to The Skimm a few years ago. Initially, I didn’t realize that the creators of this daily publication were women, but after I read up on them, I couldn’t wait to hear what they have to say. Their podcasts switch between a 30-45 minute interview format featuring successful women, and shorter, 10-15 minute “founder chats,” where they discuss all of the things we women founders and leaders deal with every day. I really enjoyed the Sara Blakely episode (founder of Spanx), as well as the Payal Kadakia episode (founder of ClassPass).


role-models-podcastThe Role Models Podcast

After I listened to Skimm’d, The Role Models Podcast came up as a recommendation for me, so I gave it a shot. Although not hosted by a woman, it is co-founded by Isa Sonnenfeld, Head of News Lab at Google for Germany, Switzerland, Austria. Each episode features an interview with a successful female, from coaches to journalists to business owners. My favorite episodes so far have featured Rebecca Jarvis from ABC News, and InStyle’s Editor in Chief Laura Brown. PS – if you’re not following Laura Brown on Insta, (@laurabrown99) you must – she’s wacky and a complete hoot!  


no-limits-with-rebecca-jarvisNo Limits With Rebecca Jarvis

My journey into the wonderful world of women podcasters continued, based on hearing Rebecca Jarvis on The Role Models Podcast. Next stop: her show, No Limits. Although her guests are not all business owners, they are all powerful, successful, inspiring women! I loved hearing about the challenges Brooklyn Decker and her partner Whitney Casey had when founding and funding their tech startup, Finery. And, there’s nothing like getting career advice from one of my favorites, Christina Applegate. Rebecca’s shows also led me to Girlboss Radio and So Money…coming up next!  


the-girlboss-radio-podcast-1Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

You may recognize this badass business woman’s name from the Netflix series based on her life. Well, she’s more than just a fashion guru, friends. She’s using her position to shine a light on SO MANY other badass women! We’re talking comedians, founders, moguls, WWE wrestlers, and more. If you’re into funny, raw, real conversations, tune in.  My favorite so far? Sophia interviewing Hannah Hart, my hero, all-around-badass, author, comedian, and creator of My Drunk Kitchen 



so-money-farnoosh-torabiSo Money with Farnoosh Torabi

We women don’t talk about money enough! Seriously. So many of my successful, founder-females have blocks about money that our male counterparts never even think about. So, when Rebecca Jarvis recommended this podcast, I hopped right over. Featuring interviews with financially successful people and “Ask Farnoosh” segments talking about practical money management techniques, this is an approachable, yet no-nonsense way to think about money. I also picked up Farnoosh’s book, “Psych Yourself Rich: Get The Mindset And Discipline You Need To Build Your Financial Life” on Audible – so far so good!

The thing I love so much about these podcasts, is that they offer us unprecedented access to successful women around the globe, at our fingertips! I’m confident you’ll find an episode or two that will inspire you to grow yourself, your business, and your vision. Let me know which ones are your favorite! And, I promise to keep sharing my favorite business inspiration regularly. if you’d like to sign up to receive our monthly email, click below (I promise – no spam).

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5 Must-Listen Leadership Podcasts for the Lady-bosses
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