One of Filament’s core values is creativity:

“We are open to new ideas and concepts. We embrace innovation and lead with open minds. We are not afraid of failure; we learn from every one. We appreciate beauty. We find creative solutions.” 

filament paint and journal

This month, we encourage you to do something creative on purpose. Give yourself the freedom to let your brain go wild. There is no purpose, other than to light a spark in the left side of your brain, where creativity lives. Here are 50 ways that you can get your creativity increased this month:

  1. Create a song and sing or rap it in the car
  2. Set an alarm on your phone for the same time each day and take a photo of whatever you’re doing, wherever you are
  3. Pull out a cookbook and prepare a meal for your family, with love
  4. Journal
  5. Buy or make a new shower curtain
  6. Write love notes to your spouse or kids
  7. Buy an adult coloring book and colored pencils
  8. Write down your goals for the next quarter
  9. Cut shapes out of paper and make a collage
  10. Make a vision board
  11. Get some beautiful yarn and knit or crochet something for someone
  12. Paint – even if it’s finger paint
  13. Make a driveway mural with sidewalk chalk
  14. Create a new Pinterest board of beautiful things
  15. Challenge someone to a Chopped cook-off
  16. Write a haiku each morning
  17. Get a plant and pot it in a beautiful container
  18. Write a blog
  19. Paint a room in your home a new color
  20. Sew a quilt (or pillow, or curtain, or new skirt)
  21. Create a new playlist on Spotify or iTunes
  22. Check out a book from the library
  23. Send a friend a care package
  24. Create a meme on PicMonkey
  25. Brainstorm business ideas with a friend
  26. Write your screenplay
  27. Draw “coloring pages” for your nieces and nephews
  28. Walk through the farmer’s market and create a spontaneous meal
  29. Rearrange your furniture
  30. Write down your bucket list
  31. Get some thrift shop dishes, break them, and make a mosaic
  32. Visit your local craft store and wander until you find the right inspiration
  33. Take an online class ( has a great selection!)
  34. Ask your mom, dad, grandpa, or grandma to tell you about a specific time in their life, and write down what they say
  35. Visit your local art gallery and support a local artist (even if all you buy is a notecard, you’re still doing your part!)
  36. Pull out whatever instrument you’ve haven’t played in 20 years and see if you can still remember how to read music
  37. Build a pillow fort with your kids (or spouse…or friends!)
  38. Write a complete story in 1,000 words or less
  39. Create a scavenger hunt for your family, employees, or friends
  40. Illustrate a treasure map
  41. Set a date with a friend who always inspires you
  42. Pretend you’re a trainer and make up a workout/yoga/Zumba/kickboxing routine
  43. Make up a secret language or code
  44. Plan a themed party
  45. Tie-dye cheap tee shirts
  46. Buy an inspiring magazine (Architectural Digest, Oprah, Inc, etc.) and savor every page
  47. Design next year’s Halloween costume
  48. Find five Instagram accounts to follow that add beauty, creativity, and inspiration to your feed
  49. Give a piece of furniture or home accessory and update with spray-paint…and choose a wild color
  50. Write down or draw 100 things that you’re grateful for

We hope you enjoyed reading our “50 Ways to Rekindle Your Creativity this Month”!

50 Ways to Rekindle Your Creativity this Month