Ah, Christmas. ‘Tis the season for shopping, and parties, and gifting, and cheer, and if you’re a small business owner…you’re probably trying to finish Q4 strong, budget and plan for next year, and squeeze out enough time and energy to give appropriate thanks to the employees and clients who’ve supported your business this year.

If you know a small Milwaukee business owner…give them a big hug and congratulations for making it through another year – and maybe one of these great gifts that they’ll appreciate more than you know.

Our favorite gift ideas for small business owners include:

give health

Give the gift of health – we’re no good without it, and it often falls low on our priority list. How about a few sessions with a personal trainer? Some of our favorites in the Milwaukee area are Garrett at Balance Fitness, Karen at RunFit MKE, and Fred at Carter 1 Fitness – and bonus, by getting a gift certificate from them, you’re supporting another local small biz!

a love of learning

Entrepreneurs love to learn – so any tools you can share with us are exciting! How about a subscription to Lynda.com or a session or two with an Action COACH? A couple of books that we’ve enjoyed this year might also make your list: Work Rules and Different are made to inspire. Or if you know someone who’s dreaming of starting a small biz, maybe a class or two at WWBIC is in order.

time for herself

Self-care is another gift that small biz owners often overlook, and can make a huge difference in our success. As corny as it sounds, an hour of floatation therapy at Float Milwaukee, an acupuncture or reiki treatment at A Right Path Wellness, a 5-class pack at Tosa Yoga, or a massage at the WAC are something that we may not take time for, unless someone else gives us the encouragement we need.

make life easier

Make life easier. I’m not sure if the schedule ever slows down for small business owners, but a grocery delivery from somewhere like Brewers Organics, or home-made dinners for a month from the Down To Earth Chef or The Real Good Life could be the difference between frozen pizza and a healthy meal at night.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post “A Small Business Owner’s Christmas List”!

If you know and love a small business owner, this list will help you find a thoughtful, useful Christmas gift that will support their goals and bring happiness for the new year!

A Small Business Owner’s Christmas List
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