Kelly-Andrew-FilamentKelly Andrew, Chief Ideas Officer

Education: Kelly graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2004 with a Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Communication.

Experience: 10 years in non-profit development, including 7 as Director of Development. Kelly managed Fundraising, Volunteer Services, and Marketing for a 600-person organization, and was the first person in the Director of Development role. Her skill at problem solving, process development, and inspiring a team allowed her to successfully transition into owning a business.

Passion: “Leadership comes naturally to me. From participating as a youth leader in 4-H, to leading fundraising campaigns and teams, I’ve always been a visionary. Great leadership skills are what let me start this business and what allows me to help other businesses grow.”

Fun Facts: Farm kid | Cat person | Yogi | Home-chef | Milwaukee advocate & evangelist

Kelly founded Filament in 2013 as a solepreneur with a backup plan: if the business didn’t support her after a year, she’d go find a job. Her passion for her customers and their businesses led her to become an expert at online marketing. Kelly’s dedication to leadership helped her leverage these skills to grow and develop the Filament team. While she still enjoys creating blogs and social media posts, Kelly has found her niche in content strategy, analytic data analysis, and SEO.

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Katy-Corey-FilamentKaty Corey, Director of Collaboration

Education: Katy Graduated from Marquette University in 2003 with a double major in History and Communication.

Experience: 2 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer (Guatemala), followed by 8 years in non-profits. Katy developed in her role, and was promoted from Volunteer Coordinator, to Manager of Volunteer Services, to Director of Development. Her skill for recruiting and building relationships with hundreds of volunteers and donors allowed her programs to thrive; creative, consistent communication was a requirement for the job.

Passion: “It’s all about the people we work with. I have to have a mission, and I love that my work, and my team’s work can impact our customers, the owners of these great businesses, so positively.”

Fun Facts: Improv performer | Talented vocalist | Handwriting analyst | Doting cat mother | Proud, active Milwaukee resident

Katy joined the Filament team in 2015, ready to help Kelly develop a sustainable business that would grow. Katy’s role has evolved immensely since then; she still uses her creative writing and communication skills on blogs, email marketing, and social media posts, as well as managing ongoing brand strategy and customer communication.

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