Content Marketing, also referred to as Inbound Marketing, is a modern strategy that is a reversal of traditional tactics. In the 20th century, it was all about developing a campaign that could convince the consumer that they need your product, then placing ads to bombard the consumer with this message.

“Traditional marketing has become a negative experience for consumers these days. TV ads…annoying. Radio ads…annoying. Direct mail…people throw it in the trash. With traditional marketing you create an instant negative reaction. On the flip side, when consumers meet your company online, especially when using content marketing, they have a need you can meet. Consumers are proactively searching for something and you’re the solution. Your business creates a positive interaction right from the start.” – Greg Bernhardt, Filament Communication SEO Manager

Our Hubspot certified Milwaukee team, specialized in WordPress, creates original content that drives traffic by writing copy that supports your brand and is optimized for SEO.

Our content marketing service is meeting the consumer where they are, and offering the information that they’re searching for. It’s no longer relevant to blast people with advertising. Today, we must help consumers find answers to their questions, pay close attention to their behavior, and treat them as individuals, not commodities.

To better understand this, take a look at this sales funnel below:

Content Marketing Funnel

The primary goal is to move people through each step of the sales funnel by executing strategic  collateral and automation. Examples of tactics that may apply to each step in the sales process include:



  • Landing Pages
  • Calls-to-Action (CTA’s)
  • Website forms




This all is a quantifiable modern strategy that works. By developing content that supports your businesses sales process, testing and measuring, and learning from data, it can deliver strong results. The bottom line is that it must produce revenue. Such a strategy keeps your goals in full focus, while positioning you to succeed.

Content marketing often works in tandem in SEO, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing.

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation to see if our content marketing service might be right for your business, contact us today.