During awards season, people can hardly wait for the envelope to get opened. They’re eager to find out who the winner is (and check out the expressions on the runners-up). The envelopes are under lock and key, and it’s a truly special production when they are finally opened. When it comes to email marketing, we often ask ourselves, what would make people that eager to open our next email? Here, you’ll find a few basic email marketing strategies to help you begin to increase your open rate, and see more success with Email Marketing. 

How To Find Your Open Rate


When was the last time you took a look at the open rate on your email marketing campaigns? One of our clients was concerned when she saw a 38.5% open rate on her last email campaign. In her mind, that was not a passing grade! But, when we compared it to the industry average (15.3% opens for consultants), she was actually quite pleased. If you’re using an email marketing platform like Hubspot, Mailchimp, or Constant Contact, all you need to do is click on a campaign to get these statistics. 

Why does your open rate matter? It’s all about ROI. Even if you have a small list, if you’ve got a good open rate, it may indicate that you’re connecting with the right people. If those people are likely to either advocate for your brand, or purchase your product, you’ll start to see a return on your email marketing investment. 

Fill Your Email Subject Line With Emotion


It goes without saying that the nominees for best picture or best artist are soliciting emotion in the viewer or listener. Yes, we may credit raw talent, skilled craftsmanship, or impressive special effects with these wins, but when it comes down to it – the win is all about emotion. Email marketing experts know that we have to connect with our readers before they ever open the email! By peaking their interest with a great subject line, you’ll be more successful at getting them to open that email.

For instance, If you’re sending out a monthly email with the subject line, “Monthly Newsletter,” test something more provocative next month. Maybe something like, “Are you missing the key to increasing sales?” or “Do you know how to increase your life expectancy by 5 years?” Both of these could be pain-points for your reader, and now that they know you can help, they’ll be more likely to open your email. 

Increase Your Odds Through Segmenting


Straight from the Email Marketing 101 textbook: the more personal you can get, the better. And, one great way to get personal is to segment your mailing list. For instance, let’s say you target two different industries: hospitality and education. If you’ve asked people to identify which industry they are part of when they opt-in to your list, you can now segment your list successfully.

Imagine getting a generic email that you think might be speaking to you, but is also confusing because it’s written with another industry’s buzz words. Doesn’t it make more sense to write two emails, addressing each industry’s specific needs and concerns? This way, you are providing a great resource, and the person who opens the email knows that it’s written specifically for them. And, if someone anticipates personalized content from you time after time, they’ll open more often. 

Email Marketing 101: How Will You Get Better Results?

email-marketing-101-filament-lightbulbIf you’ve never tried email marketing for your business, or you’d like to get more out of your current efforts, it’s time to get strategic. How will you lay out a path for people to opt-in to your list, learn more about your business, and get closer to the point of sale? Filament can provide strategy, great supporting content, and technical execution on your behalf.


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Email Marketing 101: Up The Anticipation To Get More Opens