how do you create loyal customers?Looking to generate some buzz for your online brand? Let’s have a little fun…

As we’re just winding down from homecoming season, we thought it might be fun to imagine your brand like the glorious pep-rallies of days gone by. The band music cranked, cheerleaders threw their best stunts, and the stands were unified with team colors. It was as if every branch of the social scene came together, leading the crowd in a raucous rally cry for the best team around.

Why not do the same thing for your brand?

Fill your online seats with a roaring, loyal crowd of pride-filled supporters. Get people in the spirit to learn about your product, make a purchase, and then promote it to the world. Read on to learn more!



4 Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Online Brand

what do consumers need to know about my brand?1. Provide Convenient Directives

Organizing a pep-rally can be daunting; nonetheless, if you want the best school spirit around, you’ve got be clear about what and when and how people can participate.

The same goes your website! It must be easy to navigate, laid out with clearly listed pricing and accessible product options, and show your consumer that you know them well enough to make their buying experience a breeze. It also has to have a friendly, unique flair, one that is representative of your brand standards.

Why? Today’s consumers are savvy enough to know that when they can’t find something quickly, another brand is waiting in the wings to take center stage (and their business!). Who wants to wake up and realize a blockbuster sales record slipped through the cracks because your product was too hard to access? Not us!


engagement leads to conversion

2. Educate & Engage

According to Mohanbir S. Sawhney , authentic engagement starts with asking “not how you can sell, but how you can help.” When our audience is engaged in our brand, it means that we are creating the resources they need, which can lead to conversion (and lifetime supporters)!

To be a master of engagement, start strategizing how to: entertain and inspire your audience, create value and a sense of community, and make time to participate in the conversation. You’ll also need to be consistent with the quality of your craftsmanship, service, messaging, and be on top of what’s working and what’s not.

Want an example of a brand doing a sublime job? Check out The Focused Fork. Or, curious about how your business can best educate your audience? Ask these six questions.



Emotional Intelligence and Team work3. Exude Emotional Intelligence

Get a bad review on Google? Have an angry customer on Facebook? 

Believe it or not, the best way to manage negative online reviews is to respectfully and publicly address it. Customers see value in a business’ ability to address an issue and, if necessary, be apologetic.

In short, your response will dictate whether or not this customer returns. It is also a form of Emotional Intelligence, and this skill extends beyond online communication.

For example, according to Quickbooks resources, it is one key way to boost your success as it gives you the ability to resolve a conflict and it is highly valuable for teamwork. The best teams, from high school football to internet marketing, understand how to communicate effectively. And…people love supporting a team that jives. 

Want your teams to exude emotional intelligence? Check out our most recent online offer (it’s FREE!): 7 Social Questions to Take to Your Online Meeting and Inspire Better Working Relationships. Click the button below to sign-up for our e-news and download our e-book.


how to delight your customers4. Delight

We recently attended the Hubspot Inbound 2018 Conference in Boston (which felt like a 5-day pep-rally!). What was our biggest takeaway? We need to focus more on delighting customers. Consumers want easy processes, to be heard and understood, to feel part of our brands, etc. 

Here are a few things to consider: 

Does your company offer a warranty that shows how much you value the money spent at your business?

Do you offer a loyalty program that rewards people that return?

What about developing a return policy that honors your commitment to getting it right?

**Note: Click HERE for 23 additional ways to delight your audience. Shout your customer love!


customers as your biggest fansLet Us Help You Reach Consumers at Their very Core…

The Hubspot Certified Team at Filament Communication knows how to reach online consumers at their very core, and you can, too, using these 4 pep-rally principles. Your brand should let your customers learn from you, build trust with you, buy from you, and become your biggest cheerleaders! 

We’d love to learn what has worked for you in the past – please connect with us to share ways in which you’ve generated buzz for your online brand by clicking below. And, if you’re looking for someone to take the lead, we can create and implement a marketing plan that will help your brand shine online.



4 Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Online Brand

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