Having An Online Business May Seem Daunting…

But social media is making it easier than you’d think – and we can thank Instagram.

Instagram for Business

When you’re a small business owner, you have your hands in every step of the process. The problem with a traditional e-commerce site is that it requires more time and resources than most small business owners have to keep it functioning.

All updates to prices and product have to be made by you. Or, you need to pay a person specialized in e-commerce to do it for you.

But now with Instagram Business almost a full year into its run (and five million businesses signed up), it’s fair to say social media will be the next evolution in e-commerce.

Wait, What is Instagram Business?

If your product or service is in the fashion, creative or general retail category – it just makes sense to be on a visual social media platform such as Instagram Business.

Instagram for Business

Starting an Instagram Business account is easy and looks almost identical to your personal account. What’s unique is that you can insert additional, helpful information regarding your business (i.e. directions, email, call). Learn more here.

Instagram Business also allows you access to certain analytic data regarding your posts performance. You can even view the demographic breakdown of your followers and promote your posts – similar to Facebook Business

Why You Want To Sell On Instagram

For starters, there are 400 million people worldwide that use Instagram daily. That translates to plenty of opportunities to drive awareness of your business or product on a local, national and international level. 

Instagram for Business

This type of exposure can increase your online sales and visits to your store, mobile app downloads, and other relevant actions to grow your business.

The nature of Instagram makes your product or service that much more appealing. With the ability to upload unlimited photos, video or even live video, there are endless ways to share how your product is made or other tips. Show your product being used or worn, answering many of the questions customers have before they buy.

Instagram for Business

Even more exciting? In testing right now is “Shopping” on Instagram, which will once again change everything for businesses on this platform (in a good way!). Each post will have a “tap to view” icon, allowing you to showcase up to five products with prices. You can see how it works here.

Wondering Who In Milwaukee Is Already Mastering Their Instagram Business Page?


Instagram for Business
Photo Credit: Ren Davis/Studio 29 Photography + Design


Check them out:

Cival Collective

Milwaukee Home

Urban Om

The Simple Home

Pilcrow Coffee

Studio 29 Photography + Design

The Vanguard

These businesses – ranging from retail to design – have dedicated their profiles to showcasing relatable social moments. Make sure to check them out on mobile for the full Instagram Business experience.

Your Website Is Still Important

Keeping your site updated with relevant content is still the best way to improve your Google ranking (feeling stuck on that? We’ll take care of you). However, social media is an interactive tool to build rapport with your followers, drive them to your website, and eventually turn them into paying customers. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post “Growing Your Online Sales with Instagram Business”!

Curious but not sure where to start? Reach out to the Filament team today to get your Instagram Business page up and running like the Milwaukee all-stars we listed above.

Growing Your Online Sales with Instagram Business
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