When it comes to marketing your business online, it’s tough to know what’s relevant, what works, where to begin, and so on. Before you fall down the rabbit hole of internet marketing, here’s a tip: start somewhere. Where? Why not start by creating an online offer?

An online offer is a branded tool that can help businesses stand out from competitors, be easily distributed via email or on social platforms, and generate more leads. Not sure how to create one? Continue reading to learn a few tricks from the team at Filament Communication.

Online Offers Contain Information Buyers Want

Today, buyers want to research and decide what works best for them. And, as you know, the internet makes it very convenient for people to do so. By creating an online offer, also referred to as a “downloadable,” you are positioning yourself as an educator, a trusted expert. By sharing a few of your secrets, you’re telling consumers that you want to help them make smart purchasing decisions.

While most online offers are free, you can put a price tag on the information you choose to share. Most businesses take the route of asking people to “sign-up” by providing a name and email in exchange for valuable tricks to the trade (click HERE to see what this process can look like and get FREE tips on how to market your business on Facebook). We believe this is a wise approach. Why? Businesses can track subscribers and follow-up with a thank you.

Other businesses, like Tall Guy and A Grill Catering, don’t request contact information; rather, they use their online offer to highlight menu items in the form of a free e-magazine. This type of offer lives on their website and can be linked to blogs, shared on social, and build credibility with Google as it drives traffic to their site. Click HERE for an example.

What’s All Included? A Lot of Good Stuff.

Your business offer is uniquely your own. It can take the form of an e-book, white paper, e-magazine, info-graphic, or informational report – whatever the shape, it is designed to hold accessible, important information that buyers are looking for.

Here are a few key components:

  • Make sure your offer is branded with your company logo, images that represent your message, and original content
  • Be the experts in your industry! Include bulleted “Secrets to Success” or all of the “Latest and Greatest” products. Think about what information your consumers need in order to make a purchasing decision, and guide them through making that decision.
  • Provide a Call to Action with your business contact information. If you need helpful tips on how to create a great CTA, click HERE. Additionally, if you’d like an example, check out Better Partners online offer HERE. These tech geeks created a clever CTA with a “Free Discovery Phone Call”.

How Long Should My Online Offer Be?

We recommend keeping your offer short and sweet. Think 4-5 pages in length with plenty of imagery and white space to break-up your compelling content. While we as consumers tend to take time researching what product or service best fits our needs, we’re also a society of shiny objects and short attention spans. It’s best to get to the point.

Want an example? Here’s a cool e-book on “5 Summer Tips to Keep You RunFit” by RunFit MKE.

How Do I Distribute My Offer?

Once you’ve created your offer, you can distribute it to your target audience on your social platforms with paid ads. New to marketing your business on social media? Sign up for our FREE downloadable: 5 Basic Facebook Tips Every Business Owner Should Know.


Or, think outside the box. The Simple Home had a clever way of distributing their business e-catalog. At a recent conference, they handed out business cards that directed potential buyers to their online offer. They made it easy for their audience to learn about their product.

Start Somewhere. Create a Valuable Online Offer.

When it comes to internet marketing, it’s not easy to keep up with the pace of technology or understand what works and what doesn’t. Once again, try your best not to get too intimidated. Avoiding the opportunity to market your business online is far too important.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post “How to Create a Valuable Online Offer”!

Not enough hours in the day to take on the challenges of internet marketing? We can help! We’re a team with integrity and we love helping other businesses shine online.

How to Create a Valuable Online Offer
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