There’s No Need To Be A Numbers Wiz To Master Analytics

A lot of our clients, and business owners in general are mystified by social media marketing – in particular – knowing how to analyze what is and isn’t working. Facebook prides itself on being innovative, so the ways in which we analyze data on our Facebook Business pages will shift over time. However, Facebook Insights is a valuable tool for managing your social media analytics.

The best part about Facebook Insights is that beginners are welcome and it’s user-friendly. This feature takes the nitty gritty details about your followers and posts and condenses them into easy-to-read infographics. In just a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to get a visual pulse on your business page’s performance. We lay out some basic ways you can use Facebook Insights to learn what’s working and easily translate your analytic data for better brand awareness and lead generation.

Audience Demographics


Facebook Analytics
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Are you curious if your target audience matches your actual audience on Facebook? If you navigate to “People” under “Insights”, you’ll be able to see the demographic data range for your fans and followers. You can go even deeper and see which audiences are actually engaging with your content.

Post Performance


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Now that you know what type of audience you’re working with, you can see how this audience responds to your posts. In the post peformance menu, you can see when your fans are online, which post types perform best, (link, photo, video, etc.,) and the engagement/reach of each post.

Using Facebook Insights as a tool for tracking the performance of your posts means you’ll be able to shift your strategy as soon as you see a decrease in engagement.

How To Watch Your Page Grow

You want to see your Facebook page grow in likes and followers – that’s obvious. As these numbers increase,  so will your reach. More eyes on your content, logo, and business name are important in building brand awareness and lead generation.

Facebook Analytics

We want followers to see the content we post, but we also want them to take action to become our customer. If you refer to the “Actions On Page” menu, you’ll be able to see the number of people who have clicked any link from your “about” section. These include your website, link to directions, and your business phone number. 

There’s Even More Invaluable Data…

It’s impossible to know what it will take to grow if you aren’t looking at the behind-the-scenes data. With that said, it can easily be too much information to digest.

Make the most of your time by picking one or two metrics that you’ll commit to watch over time. When you see engagement increase, do some investigating to find what was different about that post.  For example, you may start to notice sharing a photo of yourself or your team receives more responses. Or perhaps you’re able to observe the most reactions when your posts go up at 6am. You can then take this data and start to form best practices for your business’ social media marketing. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post “Make Sense Of Your Facebook Analytics”!

Facebook Insights is just one method for keeping an eye on the performance of your social media profiles. If you’re ready to take the next step and really see growth for your business, Filament is here for you. We will take care of content creation, dissecting your analytics and managing an ever-evolving social media strategy on your behalf. Email us if you’d like to get started!


Make Sense Of Your Facebook Analytics
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