Striking out on your own is hard. Many of us feel like failures most of the time, and when something great does happen, we’re quick to forget it when the next challenge arises. Entrepreneurs face adversity every day, and wear many hats – but if you are one, you probably also wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Here are five of our favorite quotes. The ones that keep us going, give us the energy to fight another day, and the inspiration to serve our clients and customers. We hope you’ll find the nugget of inspiration that puts you into high-gear today!



We chose this life because we had the audacity to chase our dreams. Your dream is important, and this is exactly where you belong.



You know darn well that as much as we plan, learn, and save, we’re never ready for everything. If it works for Nike, it works for us: Just Do It.



When we let our minds run away with ideas like “I’m a failure”, or “I’m not doing enough”, or “I’m not good enough,” we make those things a reality. Check your self-talk. Remember the truth: you are an entrepreneur – you’ve done it, no matter what your brain says.



Now is the time to end the glorification of “busy.” Entrepreneurs must be productive to survive, and you didn’t take this kind of risk to just stay busy. Figure out efficiencies to be epically productive, and then enjoy your life.



One of the best assets of an entrepreneur is flexibility. It’s our job to learn and create and evolve with our brands, our businesses and for our customers. If you’re the same person one year from today as you are today, you’re in the wrong field.


Our 5 Favorite Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs
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