I’m excited to share that I just finished my second Hubspot Sales Bootcamp! This time around, I was under the tutelage of Dan Tyre, who is a former business owner himself, a real-deal sales guru, and one of the big-wigs at Hubspot. This guy’s energy lifted me up every week.

I applied to be part of this course because I’m committed to scaling my business up. The focus of our eight-week intensive was how to build a better sales funnel. Now, the skills that were taught are not just relevant to me and my business. Most owners (and even sales managers!) I know could use a little help on refining their sales process and skill set. And, the more skilled I become at sales, the better I can help my clients bridge the gap between marketing and sales functions in their own businesses.

Here are a few of my key take-aways, which I thought might be helpful to others.

Figure out who you want to work with.

Let’s be really honest…if you’re depending on referrals to bring in business, you’re letting someone else decide what your client base looks like. Take some time to get really clear on your target market. Then, develop your value proposition. The riches are in the niches.

Do your research.

Once you’ve figured out who it is you want to work with, figure out who the decision makers are and learn something about them. We live in a world where cold-calling has become warm-calling with just 5 minutes of solid research. LinkedIn is your friend. And, there are other cool tools like Crystal (which helps you identify personality traits, so you can communicate better), and Growthbot (which helps you discover tons of info. from company size to keyword rankings).

Make the damn calls.

Seriously guys. I never thought I’d be a “warm-caller,” but I’ve seen the proof of concept. It works. One of Dan’s great tips from very early in the course is to stand up and smile when you’re making sales calls. And, put your call time on the calendar. So, now I have an hour per day, on my calendar, to walk around my office on the phone. I don’t even recognize myself!

Follow up 4 times

Dan’s method has you make a sequence of four calls. First is the introduction, next a follow up, third time a reminder that you’re tenacious, and the fourth time letting them know you’re backing off, but available when the time is right. Emails should be sent after each call. You can find the emails you need (even if they’re not listed on the website) by using Hunter. And, show them you’re really cool by following up with a video email – I’m using a free tool called Loom.

How the lions roll…

So, as an official Hubspot lioness, I will say that sales bootcamp not only made me more excited to grow my business…it also gave me some ideas for how I can add value to my clients’. If you’re interested in learning more about Hubspot or how Filament can help you manage your marketing and sales systems, contact me today.

Sales Bootcamp: Why Hubspot Partnership Is Great For My Agency – And Your Business