If your Milwaukee business is optimized for search engines it should answer “yes” to the following core questions:

  1. Can your site and it’s elements be easily and properly accessed by search engines and visitors?
  2. Can your business and site’s content be clearly understood by search engines and visitors?
  3. Does your site provide expert, authoritative and trustworthy value to visitors?
Unsurprisingly the vast majority of business sites fail all 3 core questions.

If either of those questions is a “no” or you are unsure, you need our SEO service!


Optimizing your website and online properties for organic search is a strategy that supports your top-of-funnel marketing opportunities. By positioning yourself to show up on Google searches, you’ll get more relevant traffic (ie: ideal customers) to your website, which will give you the opportunity to convert new visitors to leads.

Your website actually serves two equally important marketing purposes. Most businesses start with their customer-facing content. Establishing a visual brand is important, and communicating your message through copy and images is typically one of the first points-of-contact for a lead.

There are hundreds of ways we optimize your presence for Google to take notice; our services focus on things like:

  • Establishing business listings and optimizing existing listings
  • Identifying and fixing broken images and links
  • Establishing your business schema
  • Optimizing your internal link structure
  • Building external backlinks
  • Optimizing on-page copy, headers, titles for search
  • Develop and track a keyword strategy

SEO is a long-term strategy for a sustainable Internet marketing plan. Because the effects of what you do today to optimize your Internet presence are cumulative, your rank and credibility will only increase over time. You could compare this strategy to compounding interest in your 401(k). Each small investment you make today will have a much larger impact in the long run. So, why not tackle it yourself? Because Google keeps changing the rules. And contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a bad thing! In the early days of the Internet, SEO was a bit like the Wild West. Some Internet marketers began using “black hat” tactics (like stuffing pages with keywords) to manipulate Google’s algorithm. So, Google evolved, and continues to evolve its algorithm to provide the best results for searchers worldwide.

Take it from our SEO Manager, Greg Bernhardt:

“Google is getting back to traditional marketing concepts. It’s all about creating value and a trusted brand. Google is currently using the acronym, E.A.T., which stands for “Expertise, Authority, and Trust.” That’s what they look for now, and that’s what you need to think about. Your whole Internet marketing strategy should be based on conveying those three things.”

The Filament Communication team is committed to staying on top of best practices, even as the algorithm evolves. By executing tactics to illustrate your businesses expertise, authority, and trust online, we’ll increase your visibility, and position you for long-term Internet marketing success.

If you’re interested in exploring a full SEO Audit, or ongoing support for your strategy, contact us today or receive a complimentary audit report.