content creation is important for SEO“Throw everything you know about writing out the window.” – Bella Grace


It’s true. If you’re looking to master the art of creating online content for your business, toss everything you know about writing out the window. A stuffy 15-page scholastic report with long-winded sentences won’t cut it online. 

Don’t get us wrong…

There are still plenty of non-traditional writing guidelines to follow if you want to succeed at internet marketing. What’s more, the rules keep changing and this style of marketing isn’t going away. So, take time to learn the basics to blogging (and don’t get left behind!)

Create Compelling Online Content

For those who may have despised traditional writing while in college, you’re going to love the conversational tone blogs are intended to have. Blogging is meant to inform and inspire potential customers, and so you’ll need to create content that will connect with people in a meaningful, educational way.

In fact, you can now tell your story using exclamation points, conjunctions, and speak in the first person – just make sure to stay consistent to your own brand parameters.

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Basic Style Tips for Beginning Bloggers

use imagery to shape your blogBrighten Your Blog with Imagery

Images are a great way to give your blog personality and tell a story. They can also be optimized and break apart the content, making the your blog easier on the eyes of your audience.

Here are a few tips on how to use imagery:

  • Include at least 3-4 images that communicate your message.
  • Photograph your own images! Create your own graphics! The more original the better for your brand.
  • Have fun using free stock photography – just make sure it represents the voice of your business.
  • Add your business logo, or watermark.
  • Credit your imagery sources appropriately.
  • Size, resolution, and file type matter – check out the advice from the pros at wordpress.
  • Fill in alt text for optimization.

Keep Content Skimmable

“Online, it’s even more important to make your content skimmable. People have far less patience on digital devices…that doesn’t mean your posts need to be super short…all this means is that you need to stylize your posts so they look nice and approachable.” – 9 Clouds

keep white space in contentThere are a number of simple tricks to keeping content “skimmable.” As long as you’re not jeopardizing the quality of your message,  white space can be very valuable. You may want to consider:

Limiting paragraphs to 3-4 sentences.

Using block quotes, bullets, buttons, and imagery to break up content.

Making things pop! Feel free to bold your content here and there, but don’t get too carried away. 

Using at least 4 H2 Headers – click here to learn why.

Stay True to Your Brand

This might seem obvious, but every blog you create must convey the voice of your brand. This can be illustrated through tone, use of imagery,  colors, your logo, etc. Businesses pay big money to establish their brand, as it helps to sell their product, engage their audience, and set them apart from competitors.

Oh, and don’t forget to have a few calls to action throughout your blog!  If you’re spending all this time writing great content, you’ve got to invite people to take action, right?

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Content Moves You Up in the Ranks

content builds a relationship with googleLet’s Talk SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The purpose of writing a blog is to get your website to rank online and attract the customers you want.  If is done right, you’ll be feeding the “Google Spiders” that are crawling the net in search of fresh, quality online content, which is great. 

The rules to SEO are tricky, which is why our team recommends using  software like Yoast. This software lets you know how to improve your readability and optimization, gives you the “green lights” to push publish, and keeps you informed of any new SEO rules. 

Trust us, it’s helpful. 

Be Strategic about Keywords 

Keep in mind that keywords are no longer the key ingredient to SEO  – as you know, there are many, many factors; nonetheless, keywords remain a huge part of your online success. 

” …keywords are still very important to your SEO and overall content strategy. Once you answer the question, what do you want to be known for?  then you should still perform keyword research to determine the content within that cluster.” – Hubspot

Also note, readers are on to our internet marketing tricks. Make sure your content reads naturally and that you’re not overusing your focus keyword. You’ll also need to so a little research on what word(s) will help you rank.

how to format a blog (1)Hot spots for focus keywords:  

Blog Title 

At least one of your H2 Headers

Slug (aka URL)

SEO title

Opening and closing paragraphs

Can you guess what the focus keyword is for this blog? 


Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Content

Once you’ve completed all blog edits and checked off your SEO checklist, get ready to press send. In the early stages of blogging, you might have some fear pushing the publish button. We understand that initial hesitation, but, don’t let your blog sit for too long! It doesn’t do you any good until it’s published and the world (and Google!) can access it.

Our advice: Do it. Learn. Even the best bloggers make grammatical errors, forget to link URLs, or overlook the basics in formatting or optimization. No one is an expert overnight. 

how to blog filament communicationWe’re HubSpot Certified!

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Secrets to Creating Online Content That Every Business Needs
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