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In an effort to get more learning in, I’ve been focusing on multi-tasking – as I move my body on the treadmill, I’m using my TEDTalks app for entertainment. A few of my recent favorites may give a little bit too much insight into where my head is at – but I’m sure many of you Milwaukee internet marketers, small business owners, and busy executives can relate! Here’s what I’m watching:


Tim Urban: Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

I never saw it in myself, until I saw it in myself. Realizing that (based on high-tech scientific brain scanning), accompanying my internal “Rational Decision Maker” is an “Instant Gratification Monkey” was truly enlightening. And more so, recognizing that my own “Panic Monster” has been coming out a bit too much lately, I’ve resolved to be a little more mindful about overriding the needs of instant gratification (aka: the rabbit hole of Facebook) and letting my Rational Decision Maker take the wheel.

Knut Haanaes: Two Reasons Companies Fail — and How to Avoid Them

A great reminder that any extreme can get you into trouble, the idea here is that many companies focus only on what they’ve already perfected, or only on innovation. There is a middle ground between having excellent processes and products in place and never changing them, and always striving to change and innovate. That happy place in the middle lets us get good work done consistently, but also stay in tune with the needs of our customers and where the market is headed.

Judson Brewer: A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit

Although this talk was actually recommended to me by my nutritionist, Kim, the tactics rang true for my business as well. There is a part of our brain that tends to go offline when we are stressed out, and it also happens to be the rational part that says, “Don’t yell at the kids,” “Don’t drink that bottle of wine,” and “Don’t get fast food on the way home.” If we can begin to choose to be mindful during stressful situations, we may just find ourselves moving away from the behaviors that we don’t like, but lean on.

Do you have any TEDtalks that have impacted your behavior or perception of your business in the last few months? We’d love to hear about them!

Three TEDtalks That Make Us Feel a Little Bit Better About Life