I try to do as much reading, listening, and learning as possible to help me grow Filament. Often, friends and colleagues will ask me what I’m reading, so I decided to create a monthly quick list of my top 3 leadership resources. Enjoy!

The ONE Thing

The ONE Thing by Gary KellerI read The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan because it was chosen by the Wauwatosa Chamber Women’s Leadership Roundtable to read in June. What a great recommendation! Not only did it inspire focused thinking about what was most important for me in my business and life, it reminded me that the challenges I’m facing head-on today are building momentum for big things to happen in the future. I highly recommend this book to get you focused, and back on track if you’re feeling pulled in all directions in your business.

You Are A Badass


You Are A Badass by Jen Cincero was recommended to me long ago by good friend and former office-mate, Amanda, who owns The Simple Home. And I didn’t read it. And then it was the topic of a Fem City Milwaukee networking meeting. And then my women’s roundtable decided to read it – so I finally broke down and listened to it in the car (yay, Audible!) I was convinced that this was going to be a lot of woo-woo girl stuff…and to a point it is. However, I did take away a few empowering nuggets. One of my favorite quotes was “Make a decision, then make it right.” (Abraham Hicks) I shared this with my team because sometimes we all try to be a little bit too perfect, when what’s really needed is to just do it! Then figure out how to evolve as we get more information. It was a quick read, and one I’d recommend if you need a little, loving kick in the pants.


The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim-Ferriss-Show-PodcastI enjoy Tim Ferriss’ podcast a bunch – he is a fascinating guy (I was first introduced to him by Amanda, again, who lent me The 4 Hour Work Week way back when…) who focuses on high achievers, and what their practices are to get them to that level of accomplishment. Something we can all strive for! Often his guests are elite athletes or entrepreneurs (all leaders in their field), and on May 30 he released an episode called “How to Fear Less” with Vince Vaughn. Be still my heart. I couldn’t be more smitten with Mr. Vaughn after listening to his inquisitive, insightful conversation with Tim. They’re working on a show together called fear{less}, which promises to offer more empowerment in the face of fear. You’ve just got to give this a listen to understand why I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face!


That’s it for this month! We hope you enjoyed reading our post “Top 3 Leadership Resources to Grow Your Business”! I’ll be back with more good reads, interesting products, and smart listens to inspire your leadership journey next month!

Top 3 Leadership Resources to Grow Your Business
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